Connecticut Elementary School Shooting: 27 Dead, Children, One Gunman

Two men open fire in Newtown school, victims mostly children

Only a few hours ago, two armed men walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and opened fire. About 27 people are presumed dead, mostly children, but the number could actually be bigger, ABC News reports.

The first 911 call came in at 9.41 in the morning, with sources inside the police telling ABC that a group of children were trapped inside a classroom with one man, possibly armed.

Later reports confirmed that there were actually two shooters. One is dead, while the other has managed to escape and is now being hunted down by the police.

“Police are searching cars. One shooter was described as a 24-year-old armed with four weapons and wearing a bullet vest, sources told ABC News,” the publication reports.

All the schools in Newtown are now in lockdown, with SWAT teams being deployed in the area. The President has also been briefed.

Sandy Hook had classes from kindergarten to fourth grade, and about 450 students. The tragedy exceeds the one at Columbine High School in 1999 as far as the number of victims is concerned.

Other details of the shooting are still sketchy for the time being. We will keep you updated.

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