Confirmed: Yahoo Messenger Supports 2GB File Transfers

Now you have the possibility to send huge files through YM

Yahoo Messenger provided file transfer functions for some time now, but users were continuously requesting larger file support in order to be able to transfer any file they want without being limited to a certain size. Some time ago, when Yahoo rolled out the latest version of Yahoo Messenger for Mac, some rumors about a potential 2GB file transfer support function implemented into the application started circulating on the web. However, there were no official statements related to this matter until today, when Yahoo confirmed it.

Yahoo Messenger for Windows 8.1 and 9.0 Beta as well as Yahoo Messenger for Mac support transfers of files of up to 2GB, it is mentioned on the brand new Yahoo Messenger website release today.

"When you need to get someone an important file fast, Yahoo! Messenger is the way to go. You can drag-and-drop up to 2GB of files right into the IM window. This is a great way to send documents, spreadsheets, presentations, music or any other files you want. And best of all, the built-in progress bar will let you know when your friend has finished receiving your files," Yahoo commented the feature.

The file sharing function was implemented a long time ago in Yahoo Messenger and it quickly gathered an impressive audience, especially due to the fact that users can send and receive files without leaving the message window. As time passed by, the file transfer feature has been improved a lot, mostly with the mentioned 2GB size limit and with drag and drop support.

In case you want to download the newest version of Yahoo Messenger, you can take it straight from Softpedia, using this link (note that this link includes all the available Yahoo Messenger versions: for Vista, 9.0 Beta and 8.1).

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