Confirmed: AMD China Leader Resigns

Not much of a reason is given for this particular staff modification

One would think that AMD would have finished turning its leading teams upside down, but it looks like another high-ranking executive is leaving.

The leader of AMD's division in Greater China, David Tang, has left the company.

Rumors of this happening have been circulating for months, but AMD only confirmed it yesterday, December 21, 2012, according to Digitimes.

The man held the post of senior vice president and president of Greater China region.

Hopefully, nothing major will happen to AMD from now on. The company has been reshaping its infrastructure for a year now.

All its management modifications and layoffs should be complete by the end of the month (December 2012) and, thus, of the year.

Whether it saves those $190 million it wanted or not (144 million Euro) remains to be seen.

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