Conan O’Brien Rips Into Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Obama Question

“Who the hell’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck?!” Conan rages

Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View is often described as annoying, infuriating, unbearable. She can now add Conan O’Brien to the long list of people who find her such a terrible bore.

The other day, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by on The View for a brief interview.

As Conan puts it in the video below, viewers were most definitely expecting some softball questions for the President, but not an interrogatory from the Conservative Hasselbeck.

She was way out of line, Coco believes.

“Who the hell’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck?! She won a reality show — she didn’t even win! She was like… fifth!” O’Brien said, before mocking Elisebeth’s high-pitched voice, “Hey, leader of the free world! Answer this!”

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