Computer Software Uses 17 Million Colors to Create Amazing Digital Artworks

The images were created as part of an online contest

A Hungarian programmer created some impressive computer images that contain almost 17 million different colors, with every pixel of the screen being a different hue to the one next to it.

József Fejes made the artworks, called “rainbow smoke,” as part of an online contest using a piece of software designed by himself.

Last month, an online competition, organized by Programming Puzzles and Code Golf Stack Exchange, challenged coders to write a simple software to produce original images where every pixel was a different color.

The participants could use as many as 16,777,216 colors – the highest number possible with 24-bit RGB system – although the contest's rules required them to use all the 15-bit RGB system, which includes a total of 32,768 individual hues.

The images had to be created using just algorithms and cover at least 256 x 128 pixels. However, the contestants were allowed to create larger pictures if they wanted to.

After a public voting, József Fejes was declared the winner with a total of 144 votes. His program was designed to plot one color then put a similar hue next to it, based on intensity levels of light in each color. The algorithm does this until the whole screen is filled.

“At first I didn't really know if it was going to end up looking beautiful or not, it was just an interesting programming challenge for me. I was very surprised at how beautiful it turned out to be,” the coder said, according to the Mirror.

Take a look at the video above to see the program in action and check out the result in the photo gallery below.


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