Computer Scientists Lost Their Innocence in 2009 After Stuxnet Incident – Video

Mikko Hypponen held a great talk on cyberwar at Wired 2012

Present at Wired 2012, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen held an interesting talk on cyberwar and the cyber arms race.

The expert offered some interesting insight regarding the involvement of governments in the cyber security landscape.

He highlighted the fact that if nuclear scientists lost their innocence when the atom bomb was first used, then computer scientists lost theirs back in 2009 when they started utilizing the notorious Stuxnet virus against Iranian nuclear facilities.

“It's perfectly possible that Stuxnet killed people. We don't know that, but the possibility is there because it exploded two-meter-high centrifuges which would create a chain reaction. If there were scientists there, it was not a good place to be,” he explained.

Besides Stuxnet, he also shared some things about the more recent threats, including Flame and Gauss.

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