Compromised Veterinary Supplier Spreads Malware and Leaks Data

Russian and Brazilian hackers seem to be working together on this one

Researchers came across an Argentinian veterinary supplier website that had been compromised and exploited to the maximum by cybercriminals.

Kaspersky Lab experts found that not only was it redesigned to spread malicious Brazilian Trojans that targeted bank accounts, but it may also have been probed by a Russian hacker in search for sensitive information.

“So, it’s hard to say who’s definitely behind this particular attack. Is it Russians or Brazilians? Or maybe it’s a combined effort between Brazilian and Russian-speaking cybercriminals,” Dmitry Bestuzhev said.

Unfortunately, the site’s database contains job resumes which could be utilized to launch targeted attacks against the individuals who applied for a position at the company.

The large quantity of personal information found in a curriculum vitae can be used for identity theft or to send targeted attacks. For instance, the hackers could send an individual a fake job offer, behind which a number of malicious plots can hide.

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