Company of Heroes 2 Might Get German Campaign After Launch

The team is currently focused on the Soviet story that spans the entire war

Relic might be transitioning from the now defunct THQ to SEGA, but the development team working on Company of Heroes 2 continues to offer information about the strategy experience that should be launched before the end of spring.

James McDermott, associate producer at Relic, answered a number of community questions during a session with Eurogamer.

The biggest reveal is that Relic will not offer a German-focused campaign when Company of Heroes 2 launches, but the developers are exploring the option of adding one via downloadable content, although its scope will be limited.

Gamers should be satisfied with the length of the Russian campaign, which will start with the initial defeats of the Red Army driven back to the gates of Moscow. Players will then direct the counter strike that liberates the capital, take part in the titanic struggle for Stalingrad and in the final push that takes the Soviets to Berlin and the Reichstag.

McDermott has also revealed some of the units that will appear in Company of Heroes 2, ranging from the massive KV-1 to the Katusha rocket launcher and the various German vehicles that the Wehrmacht adapted to use on the Eastern Front.

The development team continues to test various options for the resource model, which currently allows players to decide whether they want to get fuel or ammo from one capture point.

Relic is trying to give players more choices and options to develop their own flexible strategy when compared to the more strict approach in the first Company of Heroes.

McDermott also reveals that, currently, no map editor is being planned for the game, but that his team is trying to see what the community needs to modify the game and deliver some tools after launch.

Company of Heroes 2 uses an entirely new game engine and will feature the extreme weather effects, from cold to ice storms, which have historically influenced warfare on the Eastern Front.

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