Company of Heroes 2 Gets First Look at User Interface

It is designed to give players information and options

Video game developer Relic is giving fans of the upcoming Company of Heroes 2 a chance to take a look at the new User Interface that will be integrated in the real-time strategy game.

The development team writes in an official post that the new UI is “designed to give the player a full view of the battlefield and quick unit control, all the information you need to command your army is presented in a clean, concise and straightforward manner, with many improvements being made over the original design from CoH1.”

Relic then goes through all the elements of the image attached to the article explaining why each of them is included and how the player can use it to improve his Company of Heroes 2 experience.

The core area is called the Bridge and “presents all of the critical and tertiary information for a selected unit, giving the player a quick reference for how to be effective on the battlefield in various combat scenarios. This information is presented through the unit decorators and text content.”

When the player controls more than one unit, the decorators line up and the game allows for each unit to be quickly selected in order to get orders and deliver information.

At the moment, Company of Heroes 2 is in alpha stage and based on feedback from testers, Relic continues to tweak the User Interface to increase its ability to deliver information and make sure that players learn how to use it quickly.

The action of the new Company of Heroes moves to the Eastern Front of World War II, with players able to control the Russian and German forces while also dealing with the ravages of General Winter.

Company of Heroes 2 will be launched on the PC in the early months of 2013.

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