Company of Heroes 2 Available for Pre-Order, Comes with Rewards

Gamers can get vehicle skins, extra content and a Digital Collector's Edition

Developer Relic Entertainment and publisher THQ have announced that their upcoming strategy game Company of Heroes 2 is now available for pre-order, detailing the rewards that are available for those players who are willing to put money down before the game is actually launched.

Those who get the game on the Steam digital distribution service from Valve will receive access to the beta stage of the game when it is launched and will also get two skins for vehicles, the German Rotbraun and the Russian Leningrad.

As more people pre-order Company of Heroes 2 on Steam, there are other potential rewards to unlock, including exclusive items linked to the strategy game for Team Fortress 2, a free copy of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution and the Commissar Chest for the game.

The global pre-order bonus for brick and mortar retailers is a package of two vehicles skins, for the German Rotbraun and for the Leningrad, and selected stores will also offer beta access.

Those who get Company of Heroes 2 from Origin will also get the vehicle skins and an additional one for the Soviet Bryansk Front.

Getting the game directly from Shop THQ will also get access to the Command Pass, which will deliver new multiplayer maps for gamers and access in exclusive events.

Company of Heroes 2 also has a Digital Collector’s Edition that will be sold for 99.99 dollars or Euro.

It will include: three Content Packs that will be introduced post launch, the Command Pass, skins for the German Whitewash and Soviet Winter Cobblestone and a Veteran badge.

Buyers also get access to the original Company of Heroes and its expansions.

Company of Heroes 2 introduces an upgraded engine and allows players to play in the frozen Russian winter.

Company of Heroes 2 will be launched in early 2013 exclusively on the PC.

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