Company Turns Tobacco Barns into Green Homes

Autotroph thoroughly proves that sustainable development is indeed possible

Autotroph, a company that specializes in sustainable design, recently took to transforming abandoned tobacco barns in Maryland, US, into households intended for people who wish to settle down in this region.

From an environmental standpoint, what interests us is that, while preserving the barns' architectural features, the company is to incorporate new green-technology into their design, thus making them stand as proof that sustainable development is something not all that difficult to achieve.

More precisely, these greened-up constructions will come fully equipped with photovoltaic panels and solar thermal systems, not to mention that they will also be fully capable of “harvesting” rainwater and putting it to better use.

As far as we are concerned, this project is more than welcomed, as it allows people to lead a modern, environmentally friendly lifestyle in buildings belonging to the country's cultural heritage.

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