Company Turns Air, Greenhouse Gases Into Eco-Friendly Plastic

Newlight Technologies says its plastic is cheaper and better than oil-based ones

While others are busy turning air into petrol, a company known as Newlight Technologies has figured out a way to turn air and greenhouse gases into environmentally-friendly plastics.

The scientists who worked with said company to develop this green-oriented technology claim that the biodegradable plastic they have managed to design and manufacture is both cheaper and better than the other types presently available on the market.

Not to mention the fact that, because it is made from greenhouse gases, it also helps fight back phenomena such as climate change and global warming.

“Inspired by carbon-capturing processes found in nature, Newlight has developed, patented, and commercialized a thermoplastic manufacturing technology that converts air and greenhouse gas (such as methane and carbon dioxide) into thermoplastics that can out-compete oil-based plastics on price, performance, and sustainability,” reads the company's official website.

Tree Hugger lets us in on all the science talk surrounding this new and improved environmentally-friendly plastic material. Truth be told, it all seems pretty straightforward and fairly easy to comprehend.

Apparently, all one has to do in order to turn air and greenhouse gases into plastic is extract the carbon and oxygen molecules from these two readily-available resources, and then toy with them until they get rearranged long-chain thermoplastic polymers.

Given the fact that the technology used to manufacture this eco-friendly plastic does not involve the use of petroleum or food crops as inputs, it is to be expected that, should it be adopted on a global scale, significant progress could be made in terms of cutting down on air pollution.

As the company puts it, “In total: no oil and no food crops, just clean, cost-effective, abundant, non-oil inputs, including carbon that would otherwise be emitted into the air. Plastic that actually improves the environment.”

Meanwhile, other greenheads are trying to push for a more sustainable packaging industry by promoting the use of boxes made from mushroom roots.

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