Company Invents Deo Perfume Candy – the Edible Deodorant

Eating the candy will supposedly make your sweat smell better

Deo Perfume Candy, currently sold in Spain, Germany, China, Korea, and Armenia, and now available in the US via Amazon, is a groundbreaking product meant to give your sweat a better smell.

According to ABC News, the product invented by Belgium-based company Beneo is 100 percent safe to ingest. Yes, you eat the scented candy, hereby inserting geraniol into your body. Geraniol is a type of alcohol found in rose oil.

Makers claim the perfume candy really works to get you smelling nice from the inside out, starting with your bowels, and eventually working its way through the skin.

Scientists aren't so convinced by the fact that this product will achieve just that. In fact, no connection between what you eat and what you smell like has been proven just yet, so this could be just awful-tasting candy.

“I think we can probably agree that if you eat food with a lot of aromatic spice, like garlic and curry, eventually it will work its way into your sweat and influence the way you smell. But no one has actually demonstrated that,” George Preti, chemist with the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, says.

Based on the scientist's evaluation, the perfumed candy doesn't get this editor's vote. In fact, imagine that your children would want to try out either this candy, or just regular perfume, drinking it so that they can smell better.

I cannot think of it having no effect on your stomach or liver, taking into account that you don't actually ingest rose oil on a regular basis, and the human body is probably not fit to process it properly.

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