Company Comes Up with First Digital Bottle Cap

Opening a bottle would trigger a confetti explosion or a change in tune

StartCap is not just a bottle cap, it's an artistic installation in itself. Strongbow came up with this revolutionizing digital bottle cap, which is controlled via an RFID signal.

A wireless device is implanted into the bottle cap, using RFID or Radio-frequency identification, which can transfer data to a receiver, Wikipedia informs.

The device allows information to be stored on it. When the bottle is opened, it sends a signal that, manufacturers advertise, will send out a specific command and “trigger an unexpected event.”

The RFID signal can be linked to an MP3 player, triggering a change in music, or to a foam or confetti machine, making opening the bottle the start to an evening or its highlight.

As is to be expected, Strongbow believe their automated bottle caps will be found a use in the party and entertainment field, allowing customers to “give the night a Fresher Start.”

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