Compact Gaming Keyboard from DharmaPoint Looks Anything But

It completely lacks a numpad and has absolutely no hotkeys

One would think that a gaming keyboard would have all the standard multimedia keys, and then some, plus other goodies like programmable keys.

Verily, most of them have all these features, but DhramaPoint decided they just weren't relevant enough when it made the DRTCKB91UP2.

Designed as a compact gaming keyboard, the new peripheral has 91 keys (no numpad) and a price of $60 / 45.77 Euro.

Measuring 367 x 148 x 34 mm (14.44 x 5.82 x 1.33 inches), it does, at least, have full N-key rollover over USB and membrane switches that last for up to 20 million strokes.

They may not be mechanical switches, but they have a good endurance and lower manufacturing and installation cost, hence the product price.

Overall, the DhramaPoint DRTCKB91UP2 can safely be described as a compact, entry-level gaming keyboard.


DharmaPoint gaming keyboard (2 Images)

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