Commuter Snaps Photo of a Woman As She Is Almost Hit by a Train in NYC

A woman falls on the tracks during a seizure, is saved at the last moment

A commuter grabbed a shot of a woman who luckily escaped being hit by a train in Brooklyn, at the last possible moment.

This photo, uploaded to Facebook on the Humans of New York account, lacks the element of tragedy found in stories without a happy ending, but does reaffirm my fate in humanity.

The train driver noticed she was laying on the tracks and stopped in time, managing not to injure her.

"A woman had a seizure and fell on the tracks!. [...] And a train was coming into the station! Luckily the driver noticed and slammed on the brakes," a female witness told someone on the train.

She photographed the woman on her phone, and I can notice that the train came very close to hitting her.

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