Commercial Support Is Now Available for Kubuntu

Prices start from 80 pounds (95 EUR or 125 USD) for one-hour blocks of support

By Marius Nestor on September 2nd, 2013 14:00 GMT

The Kubuntu Community was pleased to announce a few minutes ago, September 2, 2013, that professional and commercial support for the Kubuntu Linux operating system is now available for purchase.

The Kubuntu professional support is provided by the WithSupport office in England, and users will be helped via telephone, email, Skype remote desktop login, or any other method chosen by the customer. Prices start from 80 pounds (95 EUR or 125 USD) for one-hour blocks of support.

"We have a team of dedicated full-time Kubuntu experts able to advise, consult, implement or fix any Kubuntu related requirements both Desktop or Server side. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements," was stated on the official Kubuntu Commercial Support site.

This Kubuntu commercial service is powered by Emerge Open, the commercial partner of the Kubuntu Council and a company that provides services to technical or commercial professionals with Open Source experience, as well as businesses of all shapes and sizes looking for new opportunities.
Kubuntu Commercial Support Banner
   Kubuntu Commercial Support Banner