Comic-Con 2014: Zack Snyder Reveals Photo of Henry Cavill’s Superman as Jedi, Is Major Troll

“Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is expected to arrive in San Diego this weekend

Word online has it that Warner Bros. is preparing a major surprise for fans this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, when it will intro the first footage from Zack Snyder’s “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and maybe even show off some artwork or the Batmobile.

Warners is staying mum on the topic which, to many industry insiders, is a clear indication that it’s really planning to do all this. For now, all fans have to look at is Batman’s cape and cowl, which are on display at the Comic-Con exhibition floor, but that’s not really much.

Leave it to Zack Snyder to be a troll and play with our feelings. Hours ago, the writer / director tweeted a photo of Superman in a Jedi robe, with the caption “#SuperJedi.” You see Henry Cavill with half his face covered by the hood, holding a lightsaber, but if you look closely, you can also see his Superman suit peeking from underneath the robe.

Snyder wouldn’t say anything more about the photo, even though the fans literally lost it when they saw the pic. The connection to “Star Wars” is simply too much because it’s that unexpected, so they’re left wondering as to what it might mean.

Some even see in it the confirmation they were waiting for regarding Warners’ Comic-Con alleged surprise, while others believe Snyder is putting his name out there for Lucasfilm to consider him for a future “Star Wars” film or spinoff.

I say he’s just trolling. Snyder knows hype around “Dawn of Justice” is huge and he’s keeping us on our toes by making connections that probably don’t even exist in real life. What do you think?

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