Comfort Dogs Help Community Cope with the Sandy Hook Shooting

Several Golden Retrievers traveled from Chicago to Newtown, will remain here for a while

The Sandy Hook shooting left Newtown's residents shaken and trying to cope with the emotions stirred by this incident.

Seeing how most people have a rather difficult time when it comes to opening up to others, Lutheran Church Charities has decided to send several Golden Retrievers, whose presence here is supposed to help people share their thoughts on what happened.

Tim Hetzer, the Lutheran Church Charities' president, made a case of how, “Dogs are nonjudgmental. They are loving. They are accepting of anyone. It creates the atmosphere for people to share,” Huffington Post reports.

While some agreed to talk about what had happened, others preferred to remain silent and simply pet the Golden Retrievers.

The dogs visited several other schools in the area on Monday, and the kids really took a liking to them.

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