Combat and World Are the Main Elements of the BioShock Series

The coming game uses them in the new world of Columbia

Ken Levine, the leader of the Irrational Games development team, says that it was hard to find another location that could support a BioShock title, especially given how attached players were to the underwater city of Columbia.

The game creator tells CVG that, “We finished the first BioShock in 2007 and we played around with something else for a couple of months and then in early 2008 we started thinking about doing another BioShock game. We didn't want to return to Rapture because we felt, that as a studio, we didn't really have anymore to say about that world.”

He adds, “So we sat back and had a look at what the principles of a BioShock game are, and what we came up with was that the game should have an incredibly fantastically but deeply believable environment and that it should have completely improvisational combat. Besides that, though, all bets were off. There are no sacred cows beyond that.”

Levine has talked about his desire to see the BioShock idea move to other environments before the official announcement for Infinite.

BioShock 2 was handled by a different development studio but many players saw the game as proof that the series would continue telling the story of Rapture, exploring new areas and meeting other important characters.

In Infinite, the new location is Columbia, a floating city which represents aspects of American power, but also the worst tendency of its society at the end of the XIX century.

Players get to control former Pinkerton detective Booker DeWitt as he navigates Columbia, trying to escort to safety a girl called Elizabeth.

BioShock Infinite has already been delayed twice and now publisher Take Two says that the launch date is set for March 26 for the entire world, on the PC, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

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