Colts Cheerleaders Go Bald for Charity, Their Coach

Megan M. and Crystal Ann shave their heads to raise money for leukemia research

Sometimes, it’s the most outrageous or out of the ordinary things that help in the accomplishment of a good dead. Colts cheerleaders Megan M. and Crystal Ann had their heads shaved by the team’s mascot to raise money for leukemia research.

Video of the moment when Blue shaved their heads right there on the field is below, embedded at the end of this post.

Their gesture comes in a long line of similar ones: just recently, the players did the same to show their support for coach Chuck Pagano, who has been battling leukemia, The Huffington Post reports.

Pagano has been away for most of the season because of the diagnosis. Just recently, he’s lost all his hair as a result of undergoing chemotherapy.

It was Blue, the Colts’ mascot, who actually asked the cheerleaders if they’d be willing to do the same (i.e. shave their heads) to show support for the coach and, at the same time, raise money for a good cause.

Megan M. and Crystal Ann said they were up for the challenge.

“Blue tweeted at the team's cheerleaders and asked if they were willing to do the same if he could raise $10,000 [€7,712] for leukemia research. Megan accepted the challenge and #OperationShaveMegansHead was started,” the Post reports.

In the end, the initiative actually managed to raise more than double the amount.

“With Megan's help, Blue raised $22,670 [€17,484], according to WTHITV, more than doubling the threshold for the trim. When it came time to hold up her end of the bargain, Megan had company. Fellow cheerleader Crystal Ann had decided to join her. Blue was ready to do the cutting,” the Post writes.

The video below shows the two getting their close shave right on the field, with Blue doing most of the cutting. The girls smile through the whole thing, holding hands.

After the cut, they went back to work.

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