Colorful’s GeForce GTX Titan Is Actually Factory Overclocked

The high-end video card goes above the norm in this package

Despite the newest graphics card from NVIDIA being ridiculously overpowered even in its base form, Colorful decided it just wasn't enough, so it took matters into its own hands.

The GeForce GTX Titan Graphics Card is the most powerful single-GPU card ever, one that even gives dual-GPU boards a run for their money.

Thus, it might be something of a surprise to hear that NVIDIA's OEMs (original device manufacturers) are already tweaking the specifications.

True, most of NVIDIA's partners stuck to the basics, leaving it to overclockers to play with the voltage regulation module, and everything else that can affect overclocking.

The 1750 MHz in Quad-SLI scored by a certain overclocker is an example of a successful clock tweaking undertaking.

Now, we get to see a GTX Titan that is overclocked right out of the factory.

Colorful is the one promoting it. The GK110 graphics processing unit runs at 983 MHz top speed. That puts it around 100 MHz ahead of the 876 MHz of the original.

Then there is the memory. The 6 GB of RAM operate at 6.4 GHz instead of 6 GHz. Needless to say, a 400 MHz advantage is significant.

The feat is all the more impressive when factoring in the complete lack of special cooling. Sure, there is a nice and large fansink, but it is the same one that NVIDIA included with the card.

At least there is that pair of jacks that prevent PCB bending. The card is a huge thing, so it might tend to hang rather precariously in its PCI Express slot without them.

Colorful will only ship the factory-overclocked GeForce GTX Titan in Greater China, as far as we can tell. Other regions should get it eventually too though. If not, there are plenty of others, even if they don't have changed frequencies.

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