Colorful Launches PLA-Inspired iGame GeForce GTX 660 Graphics Card

The card was inspired by a Chinese online multiplayer shooter

The US and Europe aren't the only places where game makers can be found. China has its own, though it might not be who people expect: the People's Liberation Army, or PLA for short.

Glorious Mission is a multiplayer online shooter in the style of Call of Duty or America's Army. It was released by the PLA of the Nanjing Military Region back in 2011.

Since then, the game has become a fairly popular title in the country, enough for Colorful to dedicate a video board to it.

The name of the new board is Colorful iGame Glorious Mission GTX 660. It is a custom-cooled GeForce GTX 660 from NVIDIA.

The sources we could find on the Internet didn't provide the specifications of this video card.

The lack of details is no doubt owed to the fact that availability hasn't been reached yet. Sales will probably only start during Computex Taipei, Taiwan (June 2013).

There is a chance that Colorful will move much more quickly than that and start accepting and delivering orders during the 2013 Chinese Lunar New Year period (Starts on February 10).

If this was the plan though, we suspect the specifications would have been provided or leaked by now.

At least the cooler is thoroughly described. There is even a render of the contraption in pieces.

The multi-fan (two 92mm spinners) aluminum fin stack receives the heat from the GPU through four 8mm copper heatpipes. The fans even have punched-metal sheets covering them.

All in all, the Colorful iGame Glorious Mission GTX 660 video board is a decent enough card for Chinese players of Glorious Mission, but has nothing on AMD's Never Settle Reloaded program, which we've only just detailed.

As we have written here, AMD has no less than seven games, eight in the UK for buyers of ASUS Ares II.


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