Colorful Flash Drives Launched by Team Group

There are four capacities and four colors, one for each

Team Group wasn't about to let Transcend get all the attention on the flash drive market this week, which is why it has formally launched the Team C126 USB 2.0 series.

As the name shows, the company isn't looking to score any points in the performance department, although PC USB 3.0 ports should allow the USB 2.0 drives to work better than usual.

Not beyond their normal limits though (480 Mbps). In fact, the company's press release says that the top read speed is of 20 MB/s and the writing speed is of 10 MB/s.

Nevertheless, the parameters are superior to those of the Transcend JetFlash 520, which can only be a plus.

The 4 GB drive can only manage 15 MB/s and 5 MB/s though, respectively.

Moving on, the color options are, in Team Group's own words, “bright yellow, sunshine orange, vigorous blue and trendy pink.”

A hole is etched in the case as well, for hanging the drive from a key chain, cell phone or whatever else.

“As a leading provider of memory storage products to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions,” the company wrote in its press release.

All the new flash drives ship with lifetime warranties. They are compatible with Mac OS X, Linux 2.4, and Windows (XP, Vista, 7).

Overall, Team Group has successfully made lightweight, highly portable storage devices, ones that don't really disappoint in terms of performance either.

Sadly, Team Group has not provided the prices of the Team C126, but people are safe to assume they aren't too high. Big figures are reserved for USB 3.0 models after all.

For those seeking a simpler design, without a rotating case, the C117 may be better suited. The C122 also fits, and is a more recent arrival to boot.

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