Colorado and Washington Pass Amendment for Legalization of Marijuana

Colorado is the first state to end prohibition of non-medical marijuana

Colorado has become the first US state to end the prohibition on non-medical marijuana. Washington follows suit, legalizing weed on a state level, The Huffington Post informs.

Above is a video with the reactions of some of those who campaign for the legalization of marijuana, as well as of opponents of such a measure.

“Amendment 64 – the measure seeking the legalization of marijuana for recreational use by adults – was passed by Colorado voters, making Colorado the first state to end marijuana prohibition in the United States,” The Post writes.

This means that, in Colorado and Washington, an adult carrying a small amount of marijuana for recreational purposes will no longer be liable of prosecution.

However, politicians warn, that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing people lighting joints on the street, while waiting for the bus: federal laws still apply over state laws so, yes, that means non-medical marijuana is still pretty much illegal.

Check out the clip.

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