Color E-Paper Revealed by E Ink: Spectra – Video

It will be used in new e-book readers, such as they are

E-readers have lessened in number greatly over the past year, leaving just Amazon's Kindle Line, some B&N Nook, and Sony's models for the most part (even 13.3-inch flexible projects).

E Ink hasn't had the sort of e-paper sales it would have enjoyed if the electronic reader industry hadn't slowed.

Nevertheless, it has continued to develop its technology, to the point where it was able to actually invent a new one.

And that new one can actually show things in color if we're reading things right. Pardon the pun.

The company has announced the Spectra e-paper, which adds a third color to the grayscale electronic paper.

The third color is red. Basically, Spectra uses black, white, and red "microcups" that move to the surface of the display on an as-needed basis.

Other colors will be produced in the future, but for now, this is it. E-readers should start using it later this year, by the third quarter (2013).

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