Colonial Marines Opens Aliens Series for Future Content

The team has worked closely with the creators of the movies

Despite the fact that there’s no connection between the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines and the recently launched Prometheus prequel, the development team at Gearbox plans to clarify aspects of the series it is based on and also add to the story canon.

Brian Burleson, the cinematic director working on the game, tells The Official Xbox Magazine that, “Looking at the end of Aliens – we’ve got them getting off the planet, we’ve got that atmospheric processor going off. Where can we pick up that thread? What are the repercussions of that? That’s sort of where we come in.”

The development team has worked closely with the people behind the movie series in order to make sure that all details make sense and the general atmosphere matches the one that fans are expecting.

He adds, “Because as storytellers it’s always fun to figure out where someone else left some dangling threads in their story. That’s another cool thing about this universe: all the stories do that, they always leave a few dangling threads for somebody else to pick up.”

It’s unclear how exactly Gearbox will work its own story around the various other tie-in materials that have been created after the fourth core movie in the series was launched.

Aliens: Colonial Marines uses the first-person genre and puts players in the tough combat boots of the veteran soldiers who need to fight the xenomorph threat, mixing the tension of the constantly picking motion tracker with intense and fast firefights.

The game also has a complex multiplayer mode, designed to have teams of aliens and marines fighting in a variety of maps, with a focus on teamwork and well planned movement.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be launched on the PC, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft in early February.

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