College Game Canceled After Campus Armed Robbery over $5 (€3.7)

Police are still looking for the suspect of a robbery that occurred in the parking lot

An armed robbery on the Ohio University campus in Athens has led to the cancellation of OU's game against Eastern Michigan, last night.

Athens Ohio Today details that the theft occurred at 9:24 a.m. Wednesday, January 30. The female victim told law enforcement officials that she was in the parking lot at Station Street Apartments when she was approached by a 6'1" – 6'2" (185-188 cm) tall African-American man.

He was armed, and managed to get away with $5 (€3.7). He was wearing a blue hoodie and blue jeans, had cornrows in his hair and his goatee was unkempt. Campus police have not been able to locate the assailant until now.

“In light of the fact that the armed fugitive that was spotted in the Athens campus vicinity has not been apprehended, the President has decided as a precautionary measure to close the Athens campus.

“All classes are canceled, all students will be asked to return to their residences,” OU reps explain in a written statement.

The teams have been very understanding of the situation, and have stated that they take security issues seriously. Detroit Free Press quotes Eastern Michigan coach Rob Murphy as he expresses his support in helping with on-campus prevention measures.

“I do understand the importance of gun control and how serious incidents like these are.

“I truly respect the decision of Ohio University’s president and the importance of apprehending the suspect. The school shut down every building on campus. If you do that, you should take away basketball, as well.

“With everything that has gone on throughout the country recently with guns and gun control issues and shootings, I think they made the right move.

“That is a very, very serious issue. The game will be made up at some point. The school wanted to make sure the campus is safe and secure. (Our team) understands,” Murphy says.

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