CollabNet Acquires Danube for Agile ALM Interests

Worldwide leader in Scrum project management solutions, Danube, acquired by CollabNet

Agile application life-cycle management (Agile ALM) leader Danube was acquired for its important stake in the Scrum project management market by fellow company CollabNet, the inventor of the famous version control system platform Subversion. With the two companies merging client and product portfolios, CollabNet is now the major player in the rising Agile ALM software development sector.

It is very likely that many features found in Danube's ScrumWorks tools will find their way in CollabNet's TeamForge project (formerly known as SourceForge). The success of ScrumWorks is based according to its rate of adoption among big name companies from the Fortune 500 list around the world. ScrumWorks tools are now being used by more than 150,000 experienced users in various projects.

“CollabNet has pioneered new methods of software development since its inception, ranging from the introduction of Subversion, aimed at helping distributed teams collaborate on their code assets, all the way to the introduction of enterprise ALM platforms, enabling all development stakeholders to collaborate in the Cloud, regardless of location. CollabNet’s acquisition of Danube is the next step in our continued leadership in changing the way that software is built,” said Bill Portelli, chief executive officer, CollabNet. “The addition of Danube’s technology and team to our organization will uniquely enable us to help customers to adopt, implement, and scale Agile software development programs, especially distributed teams that wish to collaborate and leverage knowledge across the entire enterprise.”

A recorded interview with Bill Portelli about the Danube acquisition can be watched on Agile Journal following this link.

The company's development tool Subversion, previously submitted to the Apache Foundation's Incubator project, has graduated Apache's Incubator and is currently listed as a TLP (top level project) for the Foundation.

Subversion is now one of Apache's featured projects and was rechristened Apache Subversion starting with March 1, 2010. After the recent statistics, the project has more than 5 million users worldwide at this time and will give more advanced DVCS's like Git or Mercurial a run for their money.

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