Colin Farrell Gets Real with Details: Booze, Life, Love, Keeping It Real

Actor promotes “Seven Psychopaths,” gives amazing insight into his life

Colin Farrell has come a long way from his bad boy days but that doesn’t mean he’s less interesting today because of it. On the contrary actually, as his interview with the latest issue of Details magazine can confirm.

The handsome star sat down for an interview with the mag to promote the star-studded comedy “Seven Psychopaths,” which is already out in theaters now.

Among other things, he also talked about his excessive boozing of yore, the way he merely went through life without a purpose and satisfaction, his love life, his children and how his sons changed everything for him, finally telling him that it was time to grow up.

“The bottom line is I ended up miserable,” Colin says of how much he used to drink.

“I’d done enough of a job of flagrantly abandoning myself in a very loud and public way that I began to fall apart, you know? There was a time when I needed to do three or four films at once. It was the best place for me to hide,” the actor recalls.

Now that he’s done drinking, he’s also discovered that he has much more time for other things, like spending time with those people that really matter for him.

“Honestly. I’ve got eight hours a day now that I didn’t have before, when I was drinking every day for 18 years,” Colin says.

He compares his heavy drinking to putting an artificial wall between himself and the rest of the world: it did not help him feel less lonely as he’d hoped.

“They’re not hedges so much as they are curtains. Hedges are natural, curtains are manmade. And they work until they don’t,” he says.

On the topic of loneliness, Farrell admits that he’s not marriage material and even that there’s a slight chance he’s unable to commit to a serious relationship.

He hasn’t lost hope yet that he will find someone willing to spend time with him and, when he does, he promises himself, he will shut his mouth and just act. “Love in action, man! Not love in [expletive]-ing words,” he says with determination.

The full interview is here and, trust us, it’s worth a read, especially if you’re a fan.

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