Coldplay Streaming Their New Album “Ghost Stories” On iTunes Before Its Release

You can listen to the entire album and watch a video of the artwork animation

More and more artists choose to preview their new works on iTunes before putting the songs up for sale, and that can only be good for the public. The British Coldplay have chosen to do exactly that, making the entire new album “Ghost Stories” streamable before being launched next week.

Fans of the band and those interested in hearing what Coldplay has been working on up to now can do so by accessing the band's page on iTunes. Once there, they will be able to stream the songs they want to hear, as well as to see a full-length animation of the album's artwork, which was done by Mila Fürstová.

“Ghost Stories” is the band's sixth studio album and is due to be released on May 19. The band has shot to the attention on the press recently, thanks in part to the famous split between Chris Martin, frontman for the band, from his wife of many years, actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The song “Magic” is believed to be dedicated to their now defunct marriage. The artists has described the album in a recent interview as “42 minutes on an emotional treadmill.” He has pointed out that “although it starts off seeming like a heartbreak record,” it eventually turns out to be about realization and acceptance.

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