Coke Formula Claim: Man Is Selling Secret Recipe on eBay for $15M

Cliff Kluge is an antiques dealer from Ringgold, Georgia

A man is trying to sell what he claims to be the original, top secret recipe for Coke on eBay. Of course, I am talking about the fizzy drink here.

Cliff Kluge, of Ringgold in Georgia, found the pages which have been posted above after buying paperwork found at the home of an unnamed Georgia chemist.

Kluge is an antiques dealer and he is convinced that he has the real formula in his possession. Company reps claim to have that original 19th century formula stored away at the Coca Cola museum, in a vault.

According to the Daily Mail, he has posted the blanked out pages on eBay and is now asking $15M for the find, with an opening bid of $5M.

He doesn't know if he can get it, but he is convinced that the treasure is worth at least a few hundred thousand dollars.

“What I can discern about the formula is that its a formula for a cola-type drink. I don't think it's coca-cola. It can't be coca-cola,” described Ted Ryan, an archivist with the Coca-Cola Company.

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