Coffee-Powered Car Sets New Guinness Speed Record

The Bean Machine was built by UK engineer Martin Bacon

Not very long ago, UK engineer Martin Bacon decided that the time had come for him to prove that coffee could do so much more than simply help people wake up in the morning.

Thus, he took a Ford F100 pickup and used his knowledge in the field of engineering to make it run on coffee chaff pellets, i.e. a byproduct of coffee production.

According to Inhabitat, his little green-oriented project turned out to be so successful, that the man even saw fit to find a suitable name for his coffee-powered vehicle: the Bean Machine.

By the looks of it, it was only recently when Martin Beacon's Bean Machine managed to run at the top speed of 65mph (roughly 105 kph), thus setting a new Guinness land speed record for caffeinated combustion.

In case anyone was wondering, the coffee chaff pellets can be made to power a car due to the fact that, when heated, they break down into hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Of these, the hydrogen can be combusted and thus used to keep the engine up and running.

Check out the video below to see footage of how the car was built.

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