Coffee Makes It Easier for People to Pick Up On Positive Words

Study finds a daily cup of coffee helps people be more friendly throughout the day

According to a new research whose findings were published in the scientific journal PLOS One, coffee makes it easier for the people who drink it to pick up on the positive words others might send in their direction throughout the course of an entire day.

As Scientific American explains, this morning drink heightens the senses and makes people feel more at ease with the world and with themselves.

This in turn translates into their being more likely to pin down words and phrases associated with happy thoughts.

Interestingly enough, it looks like coffee has no effect whatsoever on a person's ability to pick up fragments of speech which happen to be a tad more on the negative side.

In other words, those of you who experience difficulties getting along with their life partner during the first hours of the day should probably offer them a cup of coffee, as this will make them more receptive to the happy thoughts and emotions you are trying to convey.

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