Coffee Artist Illustrates Oscar Nominees in Lattes

Michael Breach started to create coffee art out of boredom

Many say that making good coffee is an art within itself, but receiving your espresso with an amazing drawing on top is even more impressive. A New York barista demonstrates that anything can be transformed into a work of art, including the latte you've just ordered.

In anticipation of the Academy Awards, coffee artist Michael Breach has recreated this year’s Best Picture nominees using everyone’s favorite energy boost.

The 28-year-old barista from New York specializes in art made in the foam of lattes. Using a toothpick, swirled espresso and frothy milk, Breach draws detailed faces in the foam.

Breach says he started to create coffee art at work out of sheer boredom.

“I had massive amounts of time at a lonely hotel barista station with not too many orders. I passed the time challenging myself with increasingly complex designs. People really reacted to it so I kept going and here I am today,” he said, as reported by Republishan.

The talented barista says each coffee artwork took less than five minutes to complete and probably resisted just as much. Breach has gained thousands of fans after posting his creations online on his Tumblr account.

The 2014 Oscars ceremony took place last night at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. You can check out the Oscars winners list on Softpedia.


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