Coco Works Out in High Heels

Some time ago, Victoria Beckham shocked the world when she said she didn’t work out because she hated flat shoes. Now, Ice-T’s wife, Coco, seems to have the solution to her problem: combine working out and high heels.

Fans of the glamour model recently turned reality star must know of her habit of posting lots of pictures of herself on Twitter, some of them of a more revealing nature than others.

Just recently, Coco tweeted a photo of herself in full workout gear, at the gym, as she’s working up a sweat – and she’s wearing clear high heels no less, the kind you see on exotic dancers.

FitSugar says she wasn’t just posing for the picture: this is actually how Coco stays in shape, as footage from her new reality show, “Ice Loves Coco,” reveals.

“I know that wearing high heels has some benefits, but Coco, Ice-T’s wife, takes things to the next level by wearing heels while strength training (something I learned from watching her new reality TV show, Ice Loves Coco),” the e-zine writes.

“She also runs on the treadmill (replacing her heels with running shoes) with her bulldog Spartacus — as in, Coco and Spartacus share the treadmill together,”  FitSugar writes.

As ridiculous as all this may seem, at least it’s paying off, so she’s not risking injury for nothing.

“It’s clearly working for her, too. Coco may be curvaceous, but she also boasts a flat stomach and tiny waist,” the fitness oriented e-zine points out.

Speaking of curves, another episode from her reality show seems to have put an end to all her hard work at trying to convince the world her backside was real.

As we also noted a while back, on the show, Coco showed pictures of herself when she was younger and, to many, it seemed like she was considerably less endowed in curves than she is now.

Fans must know that Coco has always maintained that, while she did get breast augmentation, her ample backside is all real, one hundred percent natural.

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