Coca Cola Takes Nissan's New Electric Vans for a Test Drive

The company will get to try out the e-NV200 ahead of its official market launch

Starting this mid-November, Coca-Cola Central Japan Co., Ltd., is to have access to Nissan's latest electric vans, the e-NV200s.

More precisely, the company is to use several of them as regional sales vehicles in Yokohama, and later on, provide Nissan with feedback concerning the cars' behavior when on the road.

According to the Green Car Congress, this will allow Nissan to assess the e-NV200's performances in real-life conditions prior to the vehicle's being officially launched on the automotive market.

More precisely, the company wishes to know what might cross a consumer's mind when comparing this electric van to run-off-the-mill internal combustion engine vehicles.

“Coca-Cola's regional organization, Coca-Cola Central Japan Co., Ltd., will use Nissan's multipurpose commercial van as regional sales vehicle in Yokohama, evaluating its performance and practical usability against conventional internal-combustion engine vehicles,” Nissan says.

The same source informs us that the e-NV200s that are to be taken out for a spin by Coca-Cola Central Japan Co., Ltd. will be recharged during nighttime.

Apparently, this will allow Nissan to figure out whether or not it is possible for such a night charge alone to provide all of the power this car would burn on a daily basis.

“Combining the advanced powertrain of the Nissan LEAF with the innovative and practical NV200 base vehicle will not only deliver zero CO2 emissions, but also superior acceleration and quietness,” reads the company's official website.

Furthermore, “Providing a large, multi-functional interior space to both business and private users, the e-NV200 commercial EV will deliver innovation in the commercial vehicle market and further Nissan's leadership in the EV market.”

Other companies that were given the opportunity to experiment with the e-NV200 are FedEx Express, AEON Retail Co., Ltd., and British Gas in Japan and Europe.

Should things go as planned, Nissan's e-NV200s will hit the automotive market by April 2014.

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