Coca Cola Comes Out with Tumult, Soft Drink that Tastes like Beer

Coca Cola is branching out again, trying to tap into a segment it couldn’t reach before. Available only in select stores in France for the time being, Tumult is a carbonated soft drink that comes in two flavors: fruit and beer.

As informs, the new beverage also brings additional health benefits, like a low-calorie content, all natural flavors and no preservatives.

Tumult sounds almost too good to be true, especially since the beer flavored version also comes, as expected, with zero alcohol.

“Called Tumult, the new beverage is obtained through a process of natural fermentation. It’s available in two flavors: beer and fruit,” the aforementioned publication reports.

“Plus, Tumult has a low-calorie content, no preservatives and artificial flavors,” the publication writes. A four-pack costs 3.5Euro.

Sadly for those who’d love to give Tumult a try, the new Coca Cola beverage is not available in all stores yet.

“For the time being, the new beverage will be sold at the Lutetia hotel and the 44 Monop stores in Paris. Later on, it will also be made available in the Monoprix store chain,” Wall Street says.

This isn’t the first time that Coca Cola tries to push the envelope with its offering: in June 2009, for instance, it released a green tea-flavored Coke in Japan, also boasting plenty of health benefits, as we also reported at the time.

The idea was to join the health bandwagon, with rival Pepsi having released a health-conscious beverage only shortly before.

Called Pepsi Natural, it boasted of replacing high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) with sugar, and also of including more natural ingredients. It was harshly criticized upon release.

While Tumult might not fall in the category of these new, health-oriented offerings, it’s certainly an interesting take on the concept of fizzy drink – especially the beer-flavored version.

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