Cobra Bites Man Who Illegally Brought It Aboard a Commercial Flight in Egypt

The plane's pilot had no choice except make an emergency landing

One Jordanian animal trafficker now stands as proof that, when it comes to smuggling wildlife, it is not just legal consequences that one must fear. Especially if the animal you plan to smuggle is a cobra.

Thus, this reptile dealer decided to illegally bring a cobra aboard a commercial flight in Egypt.

Apparently, the snake was not a big fan of flying, and started fidgeting. While trying to control the cobra, the man got bitten by it, sources report.

The plane's pilot had no choice but to make an emergency landing.

After their landing in the town of Al Ghardaqa, the animal trafficker was offered medical assistance, but he declined the offer on account of his wound being only a superficial one.

As was to be expected, local authorities took the cobra in their custody.

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