Coaches on The Voice Hate Christina Aguilera for Getting Paid More, Being a Diva

Christina Aguilera is being a very obnoxious diva on the set of the hit NBC show The Voice, and the other three coaches hate her for it. Moreover, Aguilera also has the bigger paycheck, which makes the other stars hate her even more.

This is not the first time that reports of Christina’s diva antics emerge online, with earlier reports saying she was being so obnoxious that not even her fellow mentors, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Sheldon, could stand her when cameras weren’t rolling.

The feud has now gotten more serious, with Levine and Shelton forming an alliance of sorts against Aguilera, The NY Post writes.

They have an even bigger ax to grind with her right now: her salary. As we also informed you yesterday, Aguilera makes $225,000 for each episode, while the three men on the panel only $75,000 each for a single episode of the show.

“Low-key Levine can’t grasp why Aguilera, who seems to get on a little better with Cee Lo Green, is being paid $225,000 per episode, in comparison to their $75,000 rate, and has a huge entourage, including two hair and makeup people, a producer and an assistant,” the e-zine writes.

“They are all so annoyed by her. Every time she walks away with her entourage, they talk about her behind her back. She holds people up and never apologizes,” a trusted but unnamed source tells the NY Post.

To add insult to injury, Aguilera is also always acting as if she’s the biggest thing since sliced bread and doesn’t even deign to speak to them during commercial breaks.

It’s all a ploy to bring attention only to herself, another insider says.

“When the cameras are rolling, she literally won’t shut up. It is all about her,” the spy explains. During breaks, though, Aguilera doesn’t say a word to anybody.

Even with all this feuding going on, the mentors still seem to keep up appearances, the Post writes. In fact, Aguilera and Levine, who are clearly the two most bitter enemies on the show, have even recorded a song together, which will be released soon.

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