Club 3D Releases 80Plus Power Supplies

The collection is called Club 3D Radeon series, of all things

“Radeon” is the brand that Advanced Micro Devices uses to sell its consumer-oriented graphics cards, and the same one applied to the GPUs integrated in accelerated processing units, which is why it might come across as a shock to learn that Club 3D is misusing the name.

Then again, “misuse” might be too harsh a term, since the company only chose it because it was thinking of multi-GPU AMD CrossFire and CrossFire X hardware configurations.

Nevertheless, the IT player is using the Radeon brand in a very odd way, since the moniker has been strapped to power supplies, of all things.

Indeed, Club 3D has formally introduced the Radeon Series of PSU, with wattages of 1200W, 1000W, 850W, 700W and 600W.

The last one is the oddball, so to speak, as it does not actually support multi-card configurations, not even on the Radeon HD 7750.

It makes one wonder if 600W even has a place in a PSU line named specifically for its ability to sustain dual- or triple-adapter desktops. But we digress.

The 1200W PWU, called CSP-X1200CS, has 80Plus silver power efficiency rating and can manage two Radeon HD 7990 adapters (meaning 4 GPUs), or 2-3 other Radeon HD 7000 cards.

The CSP-X1000CB can pull off the same stunts, but only has 80Plus Bronze certification.

The CSP-D850CB and CSP-D700CB can only hold one HD 7990 and two of each of the others (HD 7970, JD 7950, HD 7870, HD 7850, HD 7770, and HD 7750).

For those that need a reminder, 80Plus rating means that a power supply wasted less than 80% of all energy supplied to a PSU at 20%, 50% and 100% load.

Needless to say, the Club 3D PSUs will work just fine with graphics cards from NVIDIA. The connectors are the same after all. Prices and shipments dates are forthcoming.


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