Clouds Form Image of Santa Claus Riding In on His Sleigh – Photo

A nanny from Thurlestone, Devon, in the UK, snaps a shot of an unusual cloud

It would take a Grinch to look at this picture of clouds and not see Santa Claus in his sleigh depicted in the formation.

The photo was captured by amateur photographer Julie Wells and published by the Daily Mail.

“I saw the cloud and ran in straight away to fetch my camera.

“Anyone who doubts Santa's existence should take a look at this picture. I think everyone needs to believe in something,” the nanny and cleaner tells non-believers.

This type of hazy looking cloud is a stratus, as it is made out of several horizontal layers. They are usually spotted on mildly snowy and cloudy days, but Mrs. Wells snapped this shot at the perfect moment. Santa appears to be gliding over the houses of Thurlestone, Devon, in the UK.

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