Close Call for Johnny Depp: Actor Was “Almost Mangled” on “Lone Ranger”

Actor recalls near-death experience on the set of Disney’s next major release

Johnny Depp almost died on the set of “Lone Ranger,” his next movie for Disney, which also stars Armie Hammer. The actor made the big reveal on David Letterman the other night – and you can see his full interview in the video above.

Decked in scarves and looking his dashing bohemian self, Depp recalled how he was almost killed when one of the horses used on the shoot threw him down, because he was using a “fake” saddle.

“When we came down, the saddle slipped and I went to the left and had the reins here, and somehow had the wherewithal to grab his mane – all very calm for some reason, I figured fear would kick in, but it didn't,” the actor explains.

“I saw in front of my eyes these very muscular horse legs and the striations of muscles moving, this kind of death machine. One word popped into my head: hooves. You know? Hooves. In any case, mind the hooves,” he adds.

The only thing that saved him was the horse’s instinct to jump over him, otherwise he would have been killed, he says.

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