Cloned Dogs Terrorize New York City's Central Park

Despite the numerous complaints, their owner claims that being wild is being happy

Two border collies born out of Gary Rintel's extreme affection for his dog are spreading fear among Central Park's visitors, getting wild in the area.

Despite people's expressed discontent, Rintel defends his dogs claiming that their behavior is absolutely normal and that they didn't harm anyone, Daily Mail reports.

The collies’ owner has already been fined $2,000 (1,530) for walking them off leashes when the law forbids it. However, he thinks he does the best for his dogs.

“If you were a dog, would you want to live with a rope around your neck? I don’t think most people care about their dogs’ happiness. Sometimes I’m guilty of breaking that law,” Rintel declared in response to the accusations.

After Rintel's beloved collie called Astro died in 2006, his owner paid $140,000 (107,200) for his frozen DNA to be used as material for two other dogs to be born by a surrogate mother.

He made a hat out of Astro's fur and now he's letting the clones live wild and happy.

The story and the threat it involves has been frequently linked to the dogs’ origins. But is there really any bond? Do the dogs bite because they are cloned? Or does it rather have to do with people’s responsibility?

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