Clone Your Penis

In natural shape and size

I tell you, this is a first-aid kit. But not for your little girl. If girls envied boys for their penises during their childhood, now they have no reason for that, due to the product of an American company.

They can get fun and excitement by creating a life size, vibrating, rubber replica of the penis using the adult toy kit Clone a Willy. The Clone a Willy kit enables women to create the most intimate and personal sex toy they ever dreamed of. All they have to do is simply mix, inset, mold and ... do what they want to do with the result. Anyway, they can get this way their favorite penis size, shape and color.

Making this adult toy is easy, following instructions. The portable penis is made of specially timed molding powder, non-allergenic liquid rubber, stirring stick, molding tube (11 x 2.5 inches), and vibrating unit. Making it follows simple steps: the specially timed molding powder is mixed with water. The second step seems a little weird for me (but love does it all!): the man has to insert his penis into mixing tube until it solidifies (in about 60-90 seconds), just like when making a plaster mold. Now, into this mold that has the shape of your penis, you (or she) pour liquid rubber; the kit can come with the option of vibrator, which can be added into the future penis.

24 hours and you get the clone of your penis. And gave a reason to the expression "man is an appendix of the penis."

But the clone of your penis can be made also from other materials. For example, your penis in natural shape and size can also be made of was, chocolate, soap or gum, following the same four steps. This way, your penis can mean more than sex (see, a man can have so many uses...). What about an aromatic candle to load eroticism in your bedroom? Taking a shower can be more fun, chocolate can turn irresistible for women (anyway, they say they prefer chocolate to sex).


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