ClockworkMod Superuser App Now Available in Final Flavor

It can be downloaded and installed on all rooted Android 2.2+ devices

Owners of Android devices interested in gaining increased control on their devices can now head over to the Google Play Store and download the ClockworkMod Superuser app for that.

The application can be installed on all rooted devices that run under Android 2.2 or newer as a simple tool that grants and manages Superuser rights.

The application was made available for download with features such as support for multiple users, along with pin protection, per app configuration, notifications, manifest permission support, request timeout, and a proper Tablet UX.

The best part of the deal, however, is the fact that this app is open source. In fact, this is the same Superuser that will soon be integrated into CyanogenMod, just as Koushik Dutta confirmed several days ago.

“Superuser should be open source. It's the gateway to root on your device. It must be open for independent security analysis. Obscurity (closed source) is not security,” the team notes.

At the moment, the app is available for download as version, with a series of enhancements packed inside, at least when compared to the previously available beta releases.

The app has more translations now and will show notification on boot if su binary is incompatible. “Canceling the notification will tell Superuser to stop bothering you,” the developer notes.

The app was also designed to handle multiuser properly in Android 4.2 and newer versions, while also being able to handle concurrent su requests properly.

Koushik Dutta, the app’s developer, notes that there was a need for an open source Superuser app, one that was NDK buildable, while also being AOSP buildable for those that want to embed it in their ROM.

He also promises timely maintenance and updates on both the market and source repositories.

Those who would like to download and install the new Superuser app on their devices will find it available for download on this page in the official Google Play Store.

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