Clive Davis Comes Out as Bi – Video

Music mogul opens up in new interview to promote his autobiography

Clive Davis, one of the most influential men in music today (and yesterday as well), is coming out as bisexual in his new book and a new interview to promote it, for Nightline.

A preview of the interview is below, embedded at the end of this blog post.

Davis, who also makes the revelation in the final chapters of “The Sound Track of My Life,” tells Cynthia McFadden that, since 1985, when his second marriage ended, he’s been dating men.

He defines himself as bi and says men like him are “maligned and misunderstood,” and often accused of lying because one can be either gay or straight, with no in-between.

“I’m not lying,” he says, explaining that he loves both women and men, and has had relations with both.

For the past 20 years, Davis has been in two stable relationships: with a doctor (for 13 years) and an unnamed man (for 7 years).

The full Nightline interview airs tonight.

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