Clint Eastwood’s Wife Dina Checks into Rehab

Somewhat controversial reality star seeks help for depression, anxiety

When Dina Eastwood, wife of Hollywood icon, actor and director Clint Eastwood, got her own reality show, the fans were outraged – and they made sure she got an earful about it. All that’s been catching up to Dina, who is now in rehab.

However, her problems have nothing to do with substance abuse, TMZ reports.

The somewhat controversial reality star has checked into a facility seeking professional help for depression and anxiety.

The center is in Arizona, a family source says for the publication.

“We're told she is NOT being treated for substance abuse,” TMZ stresses.

“Clint is no stranger to the treatment facility circuit – He's a major donor to a hospital in Monterey, CA ... which named its youth program after him. The program specializes in teen drug, alcohol and mental health issues,” the publication adds.

Officially, though, this is the first time Dina’s dealing with such a problem.

Last June, she took the time to address all the haters and all those fans of her husband’s work who thought she was doing him a disservice with the reality show, even though he only appeared on it occasionally.

Also then, she talked about the stress and the amount of pressure that came with opening your life like that to the cameras, insisting she wanted her series to be “classy” and fun.

Having Clint on was not her idea and she would have never even asked him, she said, as we also reported at the time.

“When we started, Clint wasn’t going to be in it at all, and the TV company was cool about that. Thank God that for most of the eight weeks we filmed he was doing a movie in Atlanta with Justin Timberlake,” Dina explained.

“But he voluntarily came to a family wedding with me, in fact of course he would, but he was kind enough to be miked up for that. And he came to a dinner with all of us in the Mission Ranch in Carmel, which he owns,” she added.

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