Client Orders Picture Cake, Baker Delivers Pastry Depicting USB Stick

An employee's poor English ruins an order but makes for a hilarious moment

Redditor just_leave_it brings us a hilarious post about a cake idea that has gone extremely wrong. He or she discusses the story of a friend's picture cake order.

They uploaded the photo onto the USB drive, but never expected the cake to turn out like the one you see above, on the left. Since the person taking the order did not have English as a first language, the order was mixed-up and the cake ended up depicting the actual USB stick.

The owner has apologized and has offered to redo the order, giving away the custom-made USB cake for no extra charge.

In the end, everyone had a giggle and the client walked out pretty happy, with a second cake, pictured in the center and the note that was attached to it.

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