Clickfree C3 Wireless Makes Back-up Dead Easy

Although I am not by any means proud to say so I will be the first one to admit that I most certainly don't back-up my computers as often as I should, however I am pretty sure that my back-up habits would change if I was to own a Clickfree C3 Wireless drive as this contraption sure does take the pain away out of the whole process.

Basically an external hard drive with wireless connectivity, the Clickfree C3 Wireless distinguishes itself from other such solutions available out there thanks to its back-up functionality, working similarly to Apple's Time Capsule although Clickfree makes this process a whole lot easier.

Practically, all that a users needs to do is to connect this drive to his or hers computer via its built-in USB cable, the Clickfree C3 automatically backing-up the target computer, making this one product that is really worthy of its name.

Once this first back-up is completed, the C3 can be connected to your wireless network, the drive backing-up the target computer at preset time intervals.

Compatible with PCs as well as Mac computers, the C3 can also be configured to back-up all the computers that are connected to your wireless network, a Smart Restore mode being also available for when the need arises.

Furthermore, the C3 also comes with a music manager that shares the music and playlists stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod by importing them to any computer, a photo upload mode for Facebook being also provided.

Available right now for $179.99, the Clickfree C3 Wireless is truly an impressive back-up solution and comes as a pretty nice alternative to Apple's Time Capsule especially if we take into consideration its price.

However, there's one thing that prevents the Clickfree C3 to become a best buy at this point.

At 500GB, its enclosed hard-drive is pretty small for backing up multiple computers, a 1TB (or larger) drive being far better suited for back-up duties. (via SlashGear)

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